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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

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Lighting Up The Slopes
You've never seen night skiing like this! Suits of LED bulbs and beautiful colored lights on the mountain make the skiers' decent something to behold.
  Firefighter Rescues Kitten
Prepare yourself by getting out the tissues before watching this heartwarming video of a firefighter saving a kitten from a burned house.

Whidbey Telecom News - Maintenance Notices and Service Alerts

While we do our best to minimize any interruption in service delivery, some pieces of technology must be turned off or restarted when maintenance is being performed. Often the effects of this type of maintenance may only be noticed for a few seconds, or not at all. Additionally, these types of maintenances are always done during late night or early morning hours to reduce customer impact.

To help keep you informed of any planned maintenance, our website provides a place for you to see scheduled maintenance windows. This will also include alerts related to service issues you might experience. While not all service interruptions are under our control, we’ll always try to give you information on this site to keep you informed, especially if any problem becomes service affecting.

Click the link below to visit our Maintenance Notice & Service Alerts page. We would highly suggest you bookmark this page for future and quick reference.


Thank you for the pleasure of serving you!

Featured Apps – These Three Are Well Worth A Look

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With PlayerFM, you can find, subscribe to, and play podcasts with an easy interface. Use the "Play Later" feature to save episodes for later listening.

Learn more...
Just when you thought getting food delivered couldn't be any easier, there's GrubHub. Find your favorite places, order, and pay -- all through the app.

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Finding Rover
Like insurance for lost dogs, Finding Rover allows you to enter your buddy's photo into a database for easy identification in case he gets lost.

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Scam Alert - Mystery Shopper Scams

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Creamy Hot Cocoa
With Cute Snowflakes
Snow Angel Cupcakes
Are a Holiday Treat
Beautify On a Budget
With DIY Wall Décor

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In January

Dream Home Giveaway
hgtv.com/design/hgtv-dream-home – Here's your chance to win not only your dream home, but also complete furnishings, a new car, and $250,000 in cash! Just enter the HGTV Dream Home 2016 sweepstakes before February 18. Meanwhile, you can browse photos of this Florida paradise, check out videos, and vote for your favorite space.
Expand Your Knowledge With Bite-Sized Courses
gohighbrow.com/  – If one of your New Year's resolutions is to broaden your knowledge of the world, this site offers an easy way to do it. You sign up to get free content emailed to you each morning that can be digested in just five minutes. Choose from 62 courses across 10 different categories including art, health, history, science, and more.
Restaurant Copycat Recipes
food.com/package/copycat-recipes?pn=5 – Craving some of your usual restaurant picks but don't want to go out to get them? This site features user-submitted recipes for many classic favorites. Brew up some Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee, prepare Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi, or create Denny's-style French Toast. Complete with directions, reviews, and nutrition information.
Clever Ideas For Repurposed Storage
bobvila.com/slideshow/get-organized-25-clever-ideas-for-repurposed-storage-5752#.VmdX2mSrRhF – From lunchbox-turned-electronics-organizer to dishrack-turned-file-holder, this slideshow gives you 25 great suggestions for using old storage items in new ways. Looking for a way to round up art supplies? Look no further than an unused cake tray. Want a unique wall shelf? Try an old suitcase.

Short Tutorial / FAQ – How Do I Get Rid of Facebook Ads?

Question: The ads on Facebook are really annoying, and there are so many of them. Is there a way to eliminate them?

Answer: The reason Facebook is free to users is that the company makes money by selling ads. As much fun as Facebook is, remember that its true customers are its advertisers, and the product they're buying is your attention. So, Facebook would be doing a disservice to its customers if it removed all ads. However, you can reduce the number of ads you see and make them less annoying. Here's how:

When you see an ad, move your mouse pointer to the upper-right corner and click on the "X." Then you'll see some options for how you want Facebook to treat similar ads in the future. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you. You can use a similar method for sponsored posts in your news feed - in this case, you'll see a down-arrow in the upper-right corner.

Many Facebook ads are customized for your interests based on your online browsing behavior. (This is why you might notice ads for that cute scarf you were looking at on Amazon right after you viewed the item.) Tools on the Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page allow you to learn which companies use this method and opt out from them.

Facebook gives you an option to adjust your ad preferences within its settings. To access these options, go to your home page and click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of your screen. Select "Settings." In the left-hand column, choose "Ads," then make your selections from there.

If all else fails, consider trying a browser extension like Facebook Ad Block, which claims to remove all ads from your Facebook page.

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