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Watch out for IRS tax-related scams

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Enhanced call-in service coming soon

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What does "404 Page Not Found" mean?

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How to print only a selection of a webpage


Dear Valued Customer,

It's time to march into spring and this March issue gives you plenty of ideas to explore as you move through the month. Since we don't want scammers to take you on a detour, we include a warning about tax-related scams and share valuable tips to help keep your identity safe. You'll also find helpful tips about the "404 Page Not Found" message and how to save on your printing costs.

How we answer your calls is changing at our Freeland Customer Experience Center. Read our News section to learn more about these enhancements. Just for fun, check out the Pinterest pins, videos, and websites we've selected for you. They feature lots of fresh ideas for your spring activities, whether it's cooking something new, sprucing up your home, or planning your vegetable garden.

We think you'll find the information contained in this newsletter to be a valuable tool for enhancing your Internet experience.

Here's what's inside our March eNewsletter:

    Watch out for IRS tax-related scams

  • Whidbey Telecom News
    Enhanced call-in service coming soon

  • Go Pinterest-ing!
    Cool stuff to pin on your Pinterest boards

  • This Month's FAQ
    What does "404 Page Not Found" mean?

  • Sites of the Month
    Great websites to check out in March

  • Two to View
    Amazing videos you don't want to miss!

  • Short Tutorial
    How to print only a selection of a webpage

We hope you enjoy our eNewsletter!



Watch out for IRS tax-related scams

It's not only tax season at the IRS; it's also tax season for scammers. Since tax-related scams are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated, the IRS has issued these tips to help you spot potential fraud and reduce your exposure to identity theft:

1. Be wary of any unexpected communications claiming to be from the IRS. If you receive any tax notices, take them to the person who prepared your income tax return to determine their validity and to create a necessary course of action if the notice is legitimate.

2. Don't talk to anyone claiming to be from the IRS on the phone. The agency will not call you on the phone.

3. The IRS will never send emails to taxpayers. If you receive an email supposedly from the IRS, forward it to and do not open any attachments.

4. The IRS will never ask you for your bank account PIN number, passwords, or other similar confidential information such as mother's maiden name for bank accounts or credit card accounts.

5. Don't carry your Social Security card or any documents that include your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Keep them stored in a safe place away from the eyes of others.

6. Don't give a business your Social Security number or ITIN just because they ask. Give it only when required. If you are self-employed providing services to other businesses, you may be required to provide this information on IRS Form W9 for 1099 purposes. For this reason, it may be prudent to apply for a Federal ID number to further ensure the security of your Social Security number.

7. Secure personal information in your home in a safe place.

8. Check your credit report every 12 months to make sure there's no unusual activity or illegitimate credit lines.

9. Protect your personal computers by using firewalls and anti-spam/virus software, updating security patches, and changing passwords for Internet accounts.

10. Don't give personal information over the phone, through the mail, or on the Internet unless you have initiated the contact and are sure of the recipient.

11. Be careful when you choose a tax preparer. Most preparers provide excellent service but there are a few who are unscrupulous.

For more on this topic, see the special identity theft section on



Enhanced call-in service coming soon

Soon you may notice a difference in how we answer your calls to our Customer Experience Center on South Whidbey. Our goal is to always answer your call with a live voice and get you the assistance you need with minimal delay. In the next few weeks, we'll be introducing a new phone system that will allow us to better support you and uphold our commitment to concierge-level customer service.

Quick, Simple Choices
When you dial our Freeland Customer Experience Center – 360.321.1122 – you'll have three new options to help direct you to the representative best qualified to support your needs:

  • Customer Experience Team: for all your service, sales and billing related inquiries.
  • 24/7 Technical Support Team: for technical issues or questions you may have.
  • Technology Retail Store/Verizon Wireless: for assistance with your technology purchases.

Each of these three options will then connect you to a live representative that can assist you in those areas.

Call Back Queue
If we're unable to answer your call immediately, you'll now have the option to be placed in a Call Back Queue. When one of our representatives become available, we'll be notified and return your call at a number you designate. You can go about your day, rather than listening to hold music.

News Bulletins
This new system will also give us the ability to alert you of pressing issues with news bulletins that play before reaching the main phone menu. In the event we experience high call volume, we can place important information right up front so you won't need to wait for answers to frequent questions.

We're looking forward to these improvements and how they'll allow us to get you the assistance you need, when it's convenient for you.



Cool stuff to pin on your Pinterest boards

Try Yummy Tomato Butternut Squash Soup

Sliding Barn Door Adds Cool Country Touch

This Baby Giraffe Is Too Cute For Words

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started?
If so, go here:



What does "404 Page Not Found" mean?

Question: Sometimes when I try to visit a website, I get a message that says something like, "404 Page Not Found." What does this mean and what should I do next?

Answer: This error message means the page corresponding to the URL you entered cannot be found on the site's server. It's possible the page no longer exists or that there is an error in the URL you entered. To rule out the second possibility, check the URL carefully to ensure you didn't mistype. If it seems accurate, try these steps:

1. Click the reload button in your browser.

2. Try removing one level of the URL at a time. For example, if you typed in "," remove "/z." If you still see nothing, or an error message, remove "/y," and so on. If you finally get to the home page (e.g. ""), try browsing or doing a search for the information you're looking for.

3. Test the URL at the site This site will tell you if just you are unable to access the page or if it's a problem with the site itself.



Great Sites To Check Out In March

Antiques Roadshow Sweepstakes
If you're a fan of Antiques Roadshow, enter the "Golden Ticket" Sweepstakes now for a chance to win a 3-day, 2-night trip for two to Chicago and experience an exclusive VIP day during Roadshow's 2014 Tour. This site also offers resources to value your treasures.

Score Big With Party Recipes
You'll find "slam dunk" party food here to keep the gang happy while watching the games. Big winners include Boilermaker Tailgate Chili, Annie's Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips, Grilled Bacon and Jalapeno Wraps, and Antipasto Squares.

Green Means Go ... Enjoy Ireland!
Given St. Patrick's Day, March is the month when many people's thoughts turn to Ireland. Leave it to National Geographic to capture this country's most beautiful scenery. If you can't get there in person, this site's stunning photos are the next best thing.

Get Tips For Spring Planting
It's the time of year to start planning your garden and this site has plenty of resources to help you successfully grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You'll be able to harvest plenty of expert advice from the Plant Finder, How-To Videos, Food Garden Guide, and much more.



A Couple of Amazing Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
Watch the fun reactions on the faces of people when they're surprised by a special Coke machine at a bus stop in Sweden. The machine displayed large images of summer scenes during the dead of winter.

Tips For Growing Giant Tomatoes
The Three-Minute Gardener, Marvin Meisner, shares his tips for how to grow giant tomatoes. He takes you through the steps of choosing the right tomato variety, preparing the soil, watering, pruning, and plant support.



How to print only a selection of a webpage

To save on paper and ink, you may sometimes want to print just a portion of a webpage rather than the whole thing including the ads, comments, etc. After all, what's the point of printing extra pages that just end up in the trash? Here's how to print only a portion of a webpage:

1. Highlight the portion that you want to print by left-clicking at the beginning of the text and dragging your mouse until the end of the text.

2. Once this is highlighted, click your cursor arrow on "File" from the menu bar.

3. Click on "Print" from the resulting drop-down menu.

Many webpages feature icons with options such as Print, Email, and Share. If this is the case, click on their Print icon and an advertisement-free version of the article will appear, ready to print.


We hope you found this eNewsletter to be informative. It's one of our ways of keeping you posted on news and information about our industry and our community. Thank you for the privilege of serving you!

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