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Spammers Make Money With "Like Farming"

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What Does It Mean That Microsoft Is "Killing" Windows XP?

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How To Make a Pinterest Secret Board


Dear Valued Customer,

July signals the middle of summer. So by now, you're probably enjoying a comfortable routine of your favorite summer activities. There's always room for something new, however. For fresh ideas to try this month, take a peek at the Pinterest and Sites of the Month sections below. You'll find inspiration for July meals, celebrations, vacations, and more. Even our website is new! Check out the redesign and all the new features in Whidbey Telecom News.

Also in this issue, we share a warning about the practice called "Like Farming" used by spammers on Facebook. Your innocent "Like" could end up being used for less than honorable purposes, so be selective about what you "Like" on Facebook from now on and spread the word with family and friends.

We think you'll find the information contained in this newsletter to be a valuable tool for enhancing your Internet experience.

Here's what's inside our July eNewsletter:

    Spammers Make Money With "Like Farming"

  • Whidbey Telecom News
    Introducing Our New Website

    Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

  • This Month's FAQ
    What Does It Mean That Microsoft Is "Killing" Windows XP?

  • Sites of the Month
    Great Websites To Check Out In July

  • Two To View
    Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

  • Short Tutorial
    How To Make a Pinterest Secret Board

We hope you enjoy our eNewsletter!

- Your Whidbey Telecom Team



FACEBOOK ALERT - Spammers Make Money With "Like Farming"

When scrolling through your Facebook News Feed, chances are you've seen pull-at-the-heartstrings photos with captions such as "Please help! If this 18-month-old girl gets 10,000 'Likes,' her heart transplant is free."

Without a second thought, you may "Like" the post as a quick and easy way to show you care. But unfortunately, doing so will only benefit spammers and accomplish nothing good, since the post is probably a fake and the photo stolen. What's going on here? It's called "Like Farming" and it works like this:

  • A person or group of people create a Facebook page or website with an appeal to "Like" something and shares it among their networks.
  • The people in the creators' networks like and share the page with their own networks, who in turn "Like" and share it. In this way, the post continues to spread.
  • Facebook's automated algorithms notice a lot of activity on the post, so they work even harder to make sure it's seen.
  • The more people see it, the more people "Like" it. And the more people "Like" it, the more people see it. Before long, the post goes viral by the sheer force of its own momentum.
  • The creators illegally sell the Facebook page to a business or advertiser for a hefty sum, and now the new owner can send spam to any user who has "Liked" it.

We urge you to be smart and selective about what you "Like" on Facebook so you don't support these underhanded "Like Farming" pages and put dollars in the pockets of spammers. If you've clicked on "Like" for something in the past and now regret it, you can "Unlike" it. Go to your Facebook profile, choose the "More" button, and choose "Likes" from the drop-down menu. Select the one you want to remove, click on the "Like" button that appears, and then select "Unlike" from the drop-down menu.



Introducing Our New Website

Our new redesigned website is now live! You'll find lots of fun, educational, and interesting information, along with enhanced navigation and improved organization to help you find what you want in less time. Of course, you'll always find links to Webmail and Ferry Cams at the top of every page.

The new main menu allows you to navigate directly to the service you're looking for in one click. Our Community Center is loaded with local news and community events, as well as featured stories that highlight local businesses, arts, and technology. We are also proud to introduce our new Learning Center, where you can learn about current and upcoming technology, in addition to support for your current Whidbey Telecom services.

We've made improvements to the account login process to make viewing and paying your bill easier. Now with a single login, you can access your account and pay your bill. On the My Account page you'll also find a convenient link to the SmartMail Portal.

For the best experience on our new website, we also recommend using the latest version of your web browser and make sure you have JavaScript enabled to view our entire site's enhanced functionality.

Many of the new features and functionality of our website originated from customer feedback and we're proud to provide a new valuable tool for our community. We'll be making even more improvements and adding more content in the coming weeks, so please come back often.

Click on the following link and see all these new improvements!
New Whidbey Telecom Homepage



Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

Kabob Comb Makes Food Removal Easier

A New Way To Display Is Around the Corner

Punch Box Is A Fun PiƱata Alternative

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started?
If so, click here.



What Does It Mean That Microsoft Is "Killing" Windows XP?

Question: I heard that Microsoft is "killing" Windows XP, which has me concerned since I still run it. What does all this mean exactly?

Answer: First of all, you're certainly not alone in your preference for the tried-and-true Windows XP. There are an estimated 500 million people around the world who still rely on Windows XP to perform their daily computing chores.

What's happening with Windows XP is this:

Support for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 ends April 8, 2014. After that date, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates. Running Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 in your environment after Microsoft's support ends may expose your computer to security risks.

Microsoft strongly recommends you get current with Windows and Office. For complete details including instructions for moving to Windows 7 or Windows 8, visit



Great Sites To Check Out In July

Budget-Friendly Patio Design Ideas
If you're like many people, your patio becomes a hotspot for entertaining during the summer. To make it look great and function well, check out this photo collection of creatively designed patios. You'll find all kinds of outside ideas that will fit inside your budget.

Create A Customized City Guide For Your Next Trip
Travel to this site when planning a vacation. You can choose from 120 cities and then create a customized city guide with a map to take with you. Check out hotel, restaurant, and sightseeing recommendations. Plus, sign in with Facebook and see friends who have been to that city.

Enjoy Yummy Treats For National Ice Cream Month
July is National Ice Cream Month so it's the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth with a few new ice cream desserts. The delicious recipe assortment here includes Watermelon Bliss, Orange Creamsicle Pie, Grilled Banana Splits, Apple Ginger Ice Cream, and Cheesecake on a Stick.

Pick Up Hot Ideas For A Sizzling Summer
You could call this "Summer Central" since it's where Martha Stewart has gathered all kinds of summer recipes, party ideas, crafts and projects, and family activities. From building sand castles to hosting outdoor gatherings, it's one great idea after another.



A Couple of Amazing Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Human Castles Built With Courage
In the city of Tarragona, Spain, castellers gather every two years to see who can build the highest and most intricate human castles. Some are up to 10 layers high! Take a look at the astonishing strength, balance, and courage displayed by these performers.

A Masterpiece Of Marionette Magic
Known as the "Puppeteer to the Stars," Scott Land created this marionette of comedy magician and actor, Carl Ballantine. In this charming video, the puppet performs a stylized version of Mr. Ballantine's original magic act, complete with a disappearing moustache.



How To Make a Pinterest Secret Board

Most of the time, you're probably happy to share the great ideas you've pinned on Pinterest. But there are certain situations -- such as surprise party planning or gift buying -- when you might want to keep things under wraps. That's the time to create a Pinterest secret board.

When you add pins to secret boards, they won't show up anywhere. This means they won't appear in the categories, search results, your home feed, or your followers' feeds. Pinterest won't even alert another pinner if you repin their content.

There are two ways to make a Pinterest secret board. Simply log in to your account and follow one of the procedures below:

Scroll down to the bottom of your profile. You will notice that Pinterest automatically gives you three blank secret boards at the bottom of the page titled Create A Secret Board. These can only be seen by you (the board creator) and any contributors you choose to add. Just click on one and begin pinning.


Go to the Add tab at the top right-hand corner of your page. Choose the option Create A Board and move the slider button to secret (red) in the settings.

NOTE: Pinterest limits you to three secret boards at any one time. If you're using a mobile device, you need to first download the most recent version of Pinterest for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet. Then, go to your profile, click on the Boards tab, and scroll down until you see the option for Create a Secret Board.


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