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Phishing Scams Target Amazon Shoppers

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Introducing New Home Security Packages

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How Much Time Does the Average American Spend On Facebook?

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A Couple of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

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How To Generate a Viable and Unique Gmail Username


Dear Valued Customer,

Happy New Year to you! January is the month for setting goals, and we hope this issue will inspire you to acquire new knowledge and try new experiences in 2013.

First you'll find an alert about recent phishing scams that use the Amazon name. We urge you to stay vigilant about online security threats; keep your antivirus software updated and apply operating system and software updates as they're released. Next, we'll introduce you to our new line of home security solutions. Looking for new resources for cooking, decorating, learning, and shopping? Take a peek at the featured Pinterest pins and sites of the month. And be sure to check out the fascinating facts about social media usage and the handy tips on generating a Gmail username.

We think you'll find the information contained in this newsletter to be a valuable tool for enhancing your Internet experience.

Here's what's inside our January eNewsletter:

  • SCAM ALERT - Phishing Scams Target Amazon Shoppers

  • Whidbey Telecom News - Introducing New Home Security Packages

  • GO PINTEREST-ING! - Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

  • This Month's FAQ - How Much Time Does the Average American Spend On Facebook?

  • Sites of the Month - Great Websites To Check Out In January

  • Two To View - A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

  • Short Tutorial - How To Generate a Viable and Unique Gmail Username

We hope you enjoy our eNewsletter!

- Your Whidbey Telecom Team



SCAM ALERT - Phishing Scams Target Amazon Shoppers

Be on the lookout for the latest phishing email that appears to be from but is not. Its message confirms the processed order of an HD TV or other item but shows that it is being shipped to an incorrect address. The phisher wants you to see the wrong address and click on one of the links in the email such as "Your Order" or "Merchant Contact Form" to get the problem corrected. Doing so could expose your computer to malicious viruses that capture passwords and private information. Or you could be tricked into entering your Amazon account number or login information.

This is just one of many phishing scams that use the Amazon name. In general, keep in mind that Amazon will never send an unsolicited email that has an attachment or one that asks you to reply with personal information. If you shop at Amazon and need to verify an order, go to and check "Your Account."



Introducing New Home Security Packages

Home security systems are a valuable part of protecting your family whether you're home or away. Today's systems also provide much more than just defense from potential break-ins. With Whidbey Telecom Security & Alarms, you can also safeguard your family and your home with fire, environmental, and medical alerts. In addition, you can add smart-home technology that allows you to view and control your system from the convenience of an Internet connection through a smart phone or tablet.

We want every family to have protection and peace of mind. That's why we're introducing new home security packages and new monitoring prices that are affordable for every budget. Our new Secure series of home security solutions provides several types and points of protection, multiple user codes, chime feature for monitoring at-home activity, and the comfort of knowing your system is being monitored 24/7 by our local team of support professionals.

The Secure series is designed to be adaptable to individual family needs, with the ability to expand to 40 different points of protection. Every customer is given a free consultation by our highly-trained Security & Alarm Team to help identify the best system at an affordable cost. Not only does a security system provide confidence and comfort, but in many cases you can receive deductions on your home insurance.

Already have a security system installed by another provider? Did you know you don't have to use that provider for your monitoring service? Whidbey Telecom can provide you with complete monitoring service regardless of who installed your system. Since we're a local UL-listed monitoring center, our monthly monitoring costs are almost always less than national providers.

Want to know more? Click this link to view more details about our new home security solutions: Secure Series Packages. Or you can call 360.321.2222 or 800.856.7726 to speak with a Security & Alarm professional and set up your free consultation.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!



Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

Branch Out In Your Winter Decor

Measure The Perfect Amount Of Pasta

Out Of The Oven and Into Your Mouth

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started?
If so, click here.



How Much Time Does the Average American Spend On Facebook?

Question: I'm curious how my use of social media compares with others. For example, how much time does the average American spend on Facebook per month?

Answer: Let's start with the big picture. According to research posted in Morrison Foerster's Socially Aware blog, use of social media has more than doubled in the last several years. While only 24 percent of all online Americans had at least one social-media profile in 2008, 56 percent of them do now.

To answer your question, the average Facebook user in America spends almost seven hours per month on the site. That's well ahead of Tumblr and Pinterest, which tie for second place with 1.5 hours per month. By contrast, the average American visitor to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ spends less than half an hour on these sites per month.



Great Sites To Check Out In January

Looking Back At Lincoln
If Steven Spielberg's new movie Lincoln has sparked your interest in the 16th President, check out this site from the Lincoln Institute. It features fascinating details about Lincoln's years in the White House as well as photos and sketches.

A Healthy Dose Of Information
Are you resolving to adopt healthier habits in 2013? You'll find plenty of resources at this site including information on common health conditions and topics, a symptom checker, tips on food and fitness, HealthTalk Live Chats, and educational videos.

College Classes For Free
Here's an opportunity to pick up invaluable knowledge without paying tuition. Instructors from Princeton, Duke, Caltech, and 13 other schools conduct free online classes on everything from math to music, complete with video lectures, quizzes, and homework.

Custom-Tailored Fashion Bargains
Shopping for clothes just got easier. Simply tell this site what size you wear for various garments and select your preferred designers and brands. You'll get regular emails with a custom-tailored list of fashion bargains that will save you 40-70 percent.



A Couple of Amazing Videos You Don't Want to Miss

Forgot Password
You probably think of online passwords as serious security precautions. But have you ever thought of them as funny? You will after watching Don Friesen's comedy routine about trying to create and remember passwords.

Twin Babies Dancing
Cute! Cute! Take a minute to enjoy this video of adorable twin babies sitting side by side in high chairs. When their father starts playing the guitar, the girls immediately "dance" to the music while grinning and giggling at each other.



How To Generate a Viable and Unique Gmail Username

Let's say you've decided to open a Gmail account but the username you want is unavailable. Why does this happen? Gmail lists a username as unavailable if:

  • The username or a very similar variation is already in use.
  • The username was in use but the address has been deleted.
  • The username was reserved to prevent spam or abuse.

Don't be discouraged. Follow these suggestions to help you generate a Gmail username that works for you:

  1. Think beyond "first name dot last name."
    If you have a common name, try using your initials, middle name, or a nickname. Some people even use creative amalgamations of their names. For example, Brandon Anderson becomes
  2. Incorporate your personality or profession.
    Come up with a list of adjectives that describe you and find a way to incorporate one or two of them into your username. You may also want to consider making reference to your profession with a user name such as Whatever you do, don't make your username complicated or hard to remember.
  3. Avoid throwaway numbers.
    Using a generic name with a number makes you look generic (and a bit like a spammer). So please don't use usernames along the lines of
  4. Check to see if it's available everywhere.
    Whatever username you choose for Gmail, it would be great to keep it consistent through the various social media channels. Before you make that final naming decision, you may want to enter the name at to see if you can claim it on all the sites you use.
  5. Register your own domain.
    Another option for getting the Gmail username you want is to register your own domain and use Google Apps instead. Google Apps for Domains offers all the functionality of a standard Google account (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google+, etc.), but it's mapped to a custom website. It costs about $10 to register your own domain and then set up Gmail as your email client. This way, you can get a cool email address like

Remember, your username is a big part of your identity on the Web. Take the time to choose it carefully.


We hope you found this eNewsletter to be informative. It's one of our ways of keeping you posted on news and information about our industry and our community. Thank you for the privilege of serving you!

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